New iGaming Safety Tool Unveiled by BCLC

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) prioritizes player security and responsible gambling when it comes to its online casino. PlayPlanner, their new security tool, has just been sent out to all of their gambling establishments. It’s a nifty extra that helps you keep track of how much time and money you spend playing each day.

Since the beginning of their PlayNow site in 2004, the BCLC has made it possible for players to set their own limitations on how much time they spend gambling online. The organization has been vocal about their dedication to providing a secure environment for online gambling and an enjoyable time for players. BCLC’s director and player health specialist, Dr. Jamie Wiebe, has said that the new tool will benefit players both now and in the future. Its straightforward design makes it easy for users to establish and maintain personal boundaries during gameplay.


How to Use PlayPlanner

In order to use PlayPlanner, users must first decide how long they intend to use the service and how much money they are willing to put into the account. These decisions must be made before any gambling takes place, so that the players’ feelings about winning or losing don’t affect their decisions.


If you’re a member of Encore Rewards, you can make a profile and adjust your own unique preferences for currency and time. The gamer has complete control over these parameters. Simply selecting the PlayPlanner symbol on their devices is all that is required. When playing slots or eTables, you can access this button at any time.


PlayPlanner sends its users regular pop-up reminders to assist them keep tabs on their game time. These notifications show during gameplay to inform the player of his or her progress toward the time or money cap. This consistent prompt will help keep players cognizant of their current status and within their session limits.


This Isn’t BCLC’s First Instrument

Since its inception, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation has made player protection and responsible gaming top priorities. Their PlayNow platform has always required some form of upfront payment.


Each user was required to set a weekly spending cap, beyond which the service would not accept any additional funds transfers. The player’s screen will update throughout the week to reflect how much of their limit has already been consumed by displaying a play history.






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